7 Day Belly Blast Super Fast

Belly fat is always hard to lose. Fat to some degree is considered good and necessary for the body’s functions. However, you should be able to differentiate between good fat and bad fat. I had accumulated that big belly and all the people around me thought I was huge. When I looked at other people who had a lean and developed body, I started envying them.The only thing I was trying to do was find a way that could help me lose my belly fat. I needed a diet which not only helped me lose weight but focused on the fat that I had developed around my belly. I searched the Internet, read up books in libraries, followed diet schedules but nothing seemed to help me. There was a point when I knew almost all the exercises that I could do for my belly but there was something that was holding me back. I took memberships at gyms but couldn’t ever make it there since I was conscious of my looks and wanted a magical solution for losing belly fat.

I wasn’t being able to kill my belly bulge and that was also because I could never stick to a diet. Each time I started following a diet, I would leave it mid way since I craved to eat some of my favorite foods. And that is when I came across ‘The 7-Day Belly Blast Diet’. It was like a reward for all my prayers. It was easy to keep up to and I could definitely see incredible results on my body after I followed it for a week.The 7-Day Belly Blast Diet Program will tell you about the 3 important things that keep you from a flat belly. It will also inform you about the secrets of 37 foods that will help kill up to 11 pounds of belly fat, excess water, and toxic waste in just a week. It will also let you know about the forbidden foods such as chocolate, barbeque and peanut butter.

Josh Beznoni, the author of the book is a Personal Trainer and former nutritionist for Bill Philips at EAS, Muscle Media Magazine and Body for Life. Josh has suffered the problem of being obese himself and has shared his Belly Fat free tips on nearly every major TV Network. He has been able to reach out to and help hundreds of thousands of folks in winning their struggle against belly fat.If someone came up to you today and said that eating more can help flatten your belly, would you believe it? Of course not. But that is exactly what the 7-Day Belly Blast Diet will do for you. The information provided in the book and program is basically for busy folks who love to binge but do not find the time, energy and willpower during their day to achieve real and lasting results of weight loss.

Internal belly fat happens to be the most deadly type of body fat. Belly fat is likely to increase the probability of a person suffering from illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancers, heart disease and even depression leading to suicide. In fact, the horrible looking belly hump made me look unattractive because of which I had lost my self esteem and confidence.

Belly fat as I said earlier is the most stubborn and impossible weight to penetrate and burn. The reasons for this are as follows:

Reason 1: Your hormones are out of whack: Your body releases cortisol because of chronic stress. Cortisol is a fat storing hormone. Release of more cortisol from your body results in the storage of more belly fat. In addition, the wrong foods that you eat cause the fat-storing hormone to reach its heights whereas glucagon, the fat burning hormone gets turned off. That is when you start seeing a bulging belly.

Reason 2: Your Belly-burning furnace is busted: You are asked to cut calories for a long period of time when you want to lose weight. However, this is wrong. When you cut calories, nutrient deficiencies increase in your body. As a result you crave for food since your brain sends emergency low nutrient signals to your stomach and you feel like eating more food. In this phase, a lot of people tend to eat nutrient dead food which makes cravings go completely out of control. You will feel hungry all the time. Haven’t you been through this?When you diet for about a week, your body gets programmed genetically to lower the hormones which are keeping your metabolism buzzing along. It also increases hunger hormone known as leptin. This results in bringing your weight loss program to a stop and a halt. The only solution that you can see at this point of time is to lower your calories even more and start exercising more.

Reason 3: Your food is laced with obesity additives: Food manufacturers need to make money and therefore create foods that are laced with belly-burning nutrients. These foods are full of bad, harmful artificial preservatives which make your belly huge. The author believes these chemicals to be obesity additives and studies have proved that:

a) A mineral imbalance is caused resulting in bloating and excess water weight.

b) Just like cocaine, nicotine and morphine, these chemicals addict us by altering the brain chemicals.

c) Pounds of toxic waste are accumulated in the digestive tracks.

These 3 reasons do not let you to attain a flat belly. However, you do not need to worry further because the 7-Day Belly Blast Diet will provide you with the solutions that you need to fight against these problems. You will find the 3 sneaky tricks that will allow you to slash stomach fat fast. Problem 1, 2 and 3 will be solved in a snap. You will also be informed about 37 special foods which do not have any addictive of obesity which can help you eliminate pounds of toxic waste.

Losing 11 pounds in just a week and turning a bulging belly to a flat belly is what you will get. Do you wish for anything more now?

Cheat Your Way Thin

Weight loss is something that has been on the mind of almost all across the globe. That is because a majority of the world’s population today is obese. This is primarily because of two reasons. The lifestyle we have today is sedentary since we just sit at our office desk with the computer screen in front of us and we do not have any kind of physical exercise unless we run to the gym every evening like some of the fitness freaks. The second reason is that we binge on fast food since we do not have the time to cook our own healthy food at home. We eat all the burgers, pizzas, pasta etc which is just full of fat and loaded with calories.

Weight loss has become one of the primary issues of everyone’s life today. Each one is trying to find a way that suits their body and allows them to lose weight. If you do a quick search on the Internet, you will be able to find hundreds of thousands of websites giving you tips on weight loss. Exercises, crash diets, healthy foods, they will all be included. You will be informed of certain changes that you need to bring about in your daily life in order to lose weight. But how far are these going to help you?

There are several other people around the world who have just like you tried all these tips and been a victim of these gimmicks. Most of the crash diets that you may have seen on the Internet are either so hard to stick to or have an adverse impact on your health. They create a kind of deficiency in your body for certain nutrients which as a result increases the chances of you suffering from diseases and health problems. The exercises mentioned are also hard to perform on your own and in case you want to avoid injury, you need to have a trainer guiding you. However, it is not at all easy to run to the gym in this busy schedule at work. It is pointless to pay the expensive memberships at the gyms and not be able to go there because you don’t have the time or you don’t feel like working out after a hectic day at work.

Well, then what do you think is the solution? The only thing you can think and come up with is dieting or trying to lose weight during the holidays when you are free and have a little time to pay attention to your own body. But holidays are the time when you eat the maximum since you are relatively free and you call friends over for dinner and you have celebrations and you have feasts and so on.

After reading this, you may have started believing in the fact that there is no way of losing weight. But that is just not true. There is a way and I am here writing this article just so that you know the perfect way and the solution to all your problems.

I wanted to lose weight and even though I was a fitness buff I couldn’t control myself from eating at parties. I couldn’t control the smell of the pizza that my roommates brought in after a long day at work. And each time I attacked at it, I would feel great but very guilty the next morning. I have tried all the crash diets and all the starvation techniques but none seem to work and that is when I came across Cheat Your Way Thin – Holiday Edition. I completely understood how I had to go about for losing weight.

Even after a week when I wasn’t dedicated at all to my workouts, I could see a difference on the weighing scale. And no I am not talking about an increase. Well, there is a simple, logical reason behind this and you will be able to find that out through this course. When you go on a diet, it’s not long before your body starts fighting for every ounce of body fat. You are trying to lose it but your body is trying its best to keep it. And you know what? Your body will win at all times and will be able to gain back that body fat that you have wanted to lose.

Just as the name suggests, ‘Cheat your way thin – Holiday Edition’ will teach you how to cheat on your diet and lose weight while eating all your favorite foods. You can use your favorite foods, be it a chocolate cookie or a slice of blueberry cheesecake, to lose fat faster. The strategic method to do this will be provided to you in this program.

Research has been conducted on several people and results show that starvation will never allow you to lose weight. Even if you see results in the first few weeks, you will notice that you have gained back all the lost weight added with a few extra pounds after you stopped following the diet. That is because till then your brain would have sent craving signals to your body and the day you get off your diet, you will start eating more than you ever did.

Cheat Your Way Thin will be one of the coolest things that you have ever come across. The special Holiday Edition makes up for all those days when you go out on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Halloweens and more. It will prove all your previous myths wrong and let you understand your body in a much better way.

Rocking Body Raw Food

Think in your head and remember all the foods that you have been eating for all your life. Take a paper and jot all these foods down. Once you have made the list, categorize the foods written and you will notice that most of these are processed foods. If the diet that you eat consists mainly of processed foods such as meat, dairy, eggs and lots of other stuff, then you probably have no idea how much harm it is doing to your body. Processed foods are hard on your body. In fact, most of the indigestion problems that people suffer from today are because of these processed foods.

A lot of people cannot even think of life without these foods. You do not realize but your food choices have a relation with the struggles in your life. You cannot understand how powerfully these foods have been affecting your body. You will understand their role and impact only once you experience life off the crazy highs and lows of processed foods.

Joy Houston realized the power of processed foods in her life and wants to share her experience with you through Rocking Body Raw Food. It is her endeavor to help you and everyone else around you by providing information about the change that can be brought in once you start eating the diet that will really work for your body. If you look at the mirror, you can see the person you always knew reflecting back. In order to be able to see that person clearly, you need to create your own individual eating style.

Once you become a member of Rocking Body Raw Food, you will be granted access to 4 videos which will help you get healthy and lose weight in just 14 days. This is a completely healthy and natural way to reduce fat and get your body in shape.

The first video explaining the first step is called the Body Battle Plan. This requires you to provide your body with a gift of cleanse. When you eat so much processed food, it is important that you give your body a day to cleanse. It is important for your body since it allows your internal functions to relax and improve their efficacy. The cleanse you choose does not matter. The point that matters is that you remember to cleanse. For knowing which cleanse is right for you, you can watch the videos provided on the website.

The videos will be able to give you the details about cleansing and also how the Rocking Body Raw Food Program was created. At the end of the instructional video, you will be able to choose a cleanse that is just perfect for you. The second video will allow you to build a passion for healthy eating. You will understand the impact food choices have in your life. When you think of a balanced and nutritional diet, you think of eating salads and including green vegetables in your daily meals. However that is not all that you need. In addition, the diet you need depends on your body type and thus, making guesses is definitely not the right option. The second video will share Joy’s story that helped her do the following three things:

  1. Alkalize the body
  2. Consume more foods in their raw food
  3. Make recipes that are motivating to eat just because they are delicious

The video also talks about an ebook which will be the solution for all your health conscious problems. It will inform you about the 5 changes that you need to make in order to lose 5 pounds. These 5 changes will not only help you lose 5 pounds but also increase years in your life and to top it all improve the quality of your life.

The third video of this program will inform you about the choices you can make for cleansing. It will be like an overview and reference chart from which you could compare and contrast several different cleansing options. The pros and cons of each option will be provided to you. Now you need to choose and decide if Rocking Body Raw Food is the diet for you. Are you ready to take a tour for two weeks through the delicious world of raw cuisines with Joy as your guide? If your answer is a Yes, then you have made the right choice. You will be provided a video by video and meal by meal with every step on your tour.

We all completely understand the fact that traditional training programs and diets do not do any benefit. You need to replace your old non-working habits with newer improved ones. Thus, you need top instantly opt for the 14 Day Raw Food Diet.Once you become a member of the Rocking Body Raw Food Plan, this is what you are going to get:

  • 60 Days of Unrestricted Access to the Rocking Body Raw Food Members Only Website
  • Over 100 Recorded-Live Videos with your Personal Raw Food Chef, Joy Houston
  • The Rocking Body Raw Food eBook with Gorgeous Full Color Photos of the Actual Finished Recipes
  • Over 12 Hours of detailed Raw Food Cooking Instruction and Education via Online Video
  • More than 75 Delicious Raw Food Recipes (and videos on how to make them!)
  • Done For You Shopping Lists, Worksheets, Checklists and Calendars
  • Helpful Online Resource Guide with Links to Money Saving Websites
  • Before You Begin Video Series getting your prepared for the Two Week Program
  • Easy to Navigate Website Dashboard giving you access to Everything In One Central Place
  • Surprise Bonuses inside the Members Only Website
  • Bonus #1 – Raw Food Fiesta: Ole! South of the border flavors with Rocking Body results
  • Bonus #2 – Rocking Raw Desserts: Satisfy your sweet tooth with these raw food favorites
  • Bonus #3 – Trawtoria Italiana: Experience Italian Food… Raw, Fast and Fabulous!
  • Bonus #4 – Spotlight on Salads: Understand the science behind a great dressing to make the perfect salad
  • 60 Day Money Back, Risk Free Guarantee
3 Treatments to Help Regain a Beautiful Body

Being overweight is a serious thing, and it can affect you mentally and physically, it is also why so many of us battle against the bulge every year.  However, if you want to regain the perfect body and have lost a considerable amount of weight, the battle may already be lost. Losing that final few pounds of body fat becomes difficult, there is the problem of the sagging skin, and stretch marks have suddenly appeared. There is help at hand though, and here are a few methods to help you get that beautiful body back.

Cool Sculpting

This is a relatively new procedure, and is a great way to remove the last of the lumps and bumps that dieting seems unable to shift. The procedure itself is non invasive and there is no hospital stay involved. The fat cells in the targeted area are frozen to kill them, reducing fat in the area by 20-25%. The dead fat cells are then naturally eliminated from your body leaving you thinner and, more importantly, trimmer. This treatment really does seem to be a great way to finalize your battle against the bulge, and regain the curves you want in the right places.

Tummy Tuck

People who have lost a lot of weight are usually surprised that they still can’t wear a skimpy swim. The reason for this is the bag of skin that has taken up residence where their pot belly used to be. This sagging skin can be as unsightly and embarrassing to the dieter as their stomach was, but luckily it can be removed by surgery. Tummy tucks (also known as abdominoplasty) are a form of cosmetic surgery that removes the sagging skin from a patient, while tightening the muscle wall. The muscle wall is tightened by the application of sutures and excess skin is cut away, the skin is then sewn back together. The procedure is invasive and sometimes painful, and though it may remove your sagging stomach it does come at a price.

Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment

Another of the side effects of losing a lot of weight is stretch marks, and though not as serious as excess belly skin, many dieters want their skin to look as smooth as possible. Stretch marks can appear anywhere on your body if you have lost weight, but around your stomach, the tops of the legs, and the tops of your arms are the ones that seem to need removing the most. You could use topical treatments such as Retin-A or Glycolic acid. They both help by stimulating collagen production and making the skin more elastic, and have had proven results. Alternatively,laser treatment directs a strong beam of light into blood vessels, sealing them up, and encouraging the stretch marks to fade. This treatment is only viable on new stretch marks, and older ones will require Fractional laser treatment.

Before undergoing any of these treatments you should have a consultation with a professional in the field, and consider all other possibilities. However, if you really want to regain a beautiful body, you may need to tackle the stubborn fat, sagging skin, and stretch marks that are preventing you from having it.

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